We Make Medicare Simple!

Sadly, the majority of Senior are just too gullible and get snared into using a loosey Agent.  This has to stop and we are here to remind you the top 5 red flags you should be aware of when partnering with a licensed professional.


My Dad always said you get what you pay for.  As a young business owner in my early 20’s he was adamant about reminding me each time I was purchasing a tool, equipment, and oh yeh did I mention he checked his oil each week on his vehicles.  Yea - he was anal.  Yet he never blew an engine in any vehicle or equipment.  So if we value quality products on purchases.  Why would you not apply that to the person that’s helping you understand Medicare, your health plan options, and ultimately enroll you into a plan that will provide coverage for several months or several years?  


Let’s cover the top 5 rated RED FLAGS you should be watching out for when you are looking for a licensed Agent to help guide you through your health plan options.  Here’s what you should watch out for:


  1. Limited options: If the insurance agent only represents one insurance carrier or has a limited number of plans available, this could be a red flag. You want to work with an agent who has access to multiple carriers and plans so that they can provide you with a range of options that suit your needs.  If you call a Carrier’s advertisement - you’ll speak to someone employed by that carrier only.  So for them to earn their bonus they can only sell their product.  Of course they’ll say it’s the “best” for you.  Don’t be mislead - start by not even calling a carrier to cover your options.


  1. High-pressure sales tactics: Be wary of an insurance agent who uses high-pressure tactics to convince you to purchase a plan. This may include making promises or guarantees that seem too good to be true, or trying to rush you into making a decision without giving you time to consider your options.


My Dad also said if it seems to good to be true - it is.  Don’t allow someone to oversell and under deliver on what you deserve.


  1. Lack of transparency: A trustworthy insurance agent should be upfront and transparent about the costs and benefits of each plan they recommend. If an agent is reluctant to provide detailed information or seems evasive about answering your questions, this could be a red flag.


Medicare mandates and legal requires us to share details with a client or new client any time an enrollment is completed.  You should get a physical copy of everything you are going over handed to you, mail to you, or emailed to you.  Medicare Advantage plans provide:


Star rating sheet

Summary of Benefits

Enrollment Form


We call it being HOT.  Honest, Open, and Transparent.  If you’re not dealing with someone that’s HOT - find another agent.  You deserve the best.


  1. Poor communication: It is essential to work with an insurance agent who is responsive and communicates well with you. If an agent takes a long time to respond to your inquiries or is difficult to reach, this may indicate that they are not reliable or committed to providing you with the best service.


So most agents in the business work from home or the trunk of their car.  They have little invested in their business.  So if they agent never responds quickly than your dealing with a great sales person but a terrible manager.  They wont’ get back with you because they don’t have systems in place to take your call, route your problem to the right person and ultimately make your life easy by making Medicare simple.  They may even really want to provide great service, but they just can’t deliver what you need.  Ask the agent what their customer service looks like and how they provide you top shelf service when you have questions and call them.  


  1. Negative reviews: Check online reviews and ratings for the insurance agent you are considering. If they have a history of negative reviews or complaints, this may be a red flag that you should consider working with a different agent.