If the confusion about medicare was removed

Then everyone’s Lives would be easier.

We make life easier by making medicare simple.

We all agree every senior deserves life to be easy and Medicare to be simple.
But there’s a problem - Medicare is extremely confusing.

Our partners don’t always have the time to solve their patients Medicare problems.
Our partners honestly don’t know who to trust and guide their patients to for their Medicare questions.
Doctors, Pharmacies, and Healthcare Agency don’t won’t to loose patients to plans they don’t take.
The questions your patients and clients ask about Medicare can be overwhelming at times.

We believe everyone deserves a guide that eliminates stress & confusion.
We provide the guidance that makes life easy by making Medicare simple.


Honestly we get it and are here to guide you!

Group 6

We know it creates stress and complete chaos for anyone trying to choose the correct health plan option.

We are a Brokerage that specializes in Medicare health plans.
We review a person’s doctors, medications, and plan needs, first. To ensure they choose a plan that fits their specific needs.
We don’t complicate simple. We cover their Medicare basics, plan options, and answer their questions. Simple as 1,2,3.
We offer over 70 Broker Agents in 6 states serving clients on Medicare. We partner with over 325 doctors, pharmacy and agencies.
We continue to serve more than 7,500 clients in multiple states. We are now growing by 2,500+ new clients yearly.
Our partnership model has created happy patients because they are guided to plans that allow them to see the Doctors.

"They have great service, quality products and we trust them. We value a local relationship and the impact it has on our community."

Jason K. Manson

“It is a company we can count on. They are responsive, they bring new ideas and they care about the success of our organization. I’d recommend them to any athletic department.”

Mr. Attkins Pleboa

“We have a world-class supply chain that demands immediate response.Industriel came to us with creative, cost saving solutions related to inventory management. Last year we identified a 3% savings across one category.”

Marcos E. Valtea

"Great job...thank you for getting this to us in an extremely short amount of time.hey also showed me ways to reduce costs in supply chain efficiencies. Industriel are always responsive and I know I can count on them to deliver.”

Sander O. Mitchel

"Dealing with Industriel on a day-to-day basis has proved to be very easy. We make a telephone call, look at the options available, and then let them get on with the job while we concentrate on our business.

Robert D. Frost


Partners We Serve


Doctors, Pharmacies, Dentists & Much More

Our goal is to, “Build to community to serve the community.”


So we are always engaging long-term relationships with Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacies, and Small and Large Companies in multiple states to provide Professionals a resource that allows them to guide their patients and clients to us when their beneficiaries have questions about Medicare.

If you are a Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacy, or Small or Large Company and would like more information about our services please contact us below, today.

Medicare Hub
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MedicareHub exists because people will choose a Medicare plan and enrolling in a plan should be easy for anyone.



I understand choosing a Medicare health plan is confusing and stressful for anyone. I make choosing a Medicare plan fun & simple for your patients & clients.



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