If the confusion about medicare was removed

Then everyone’s Lives would be easier.

Partnering with us ensures you have a trusted licensed Medicare guide to make life easy by making Medicare simple.

Medicare is extremely confusing.  We make life easy by making Medicare simple for you, and for your patient and clients.

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We all agree every senior deserves life to be easy and Medicare to be simple.
But there’s a problem - Medicare is extremely confusing.

Our partners don’t always have the time or expertise to answer complicated questions about Medicare
Our partners so often don’t know who to trust as their professional referral source when Medicare questions arise. 
Healthcare Professionals don’t won’t to loose patients to plans they don’t take.  So a trusted licensed guide is essential.
Partners are often ask questions about Medicare that can be overwhelming and confusing.  Yet, they desire to help provide guidance.

We believe everyone deserves a guide that eliminates stress & confusion.
We provide the guidance that makes life easy by making Medicare simple.

Honestly we get it, Medicare is extremely confusing,

so we are here to partner with you!

Eliminating stress and confusion is key to allowing every person you serve to make their life easy.  We do that by making Medicare simple.

We are a Brokerage that specializes in Medicare health plans.
We review a person’s doctors, medications, and plan needs, first. Then help them choose a plan that meets those needs, secondly.
We love to educate! We cover their Medicare basics, plan options, and answer their questions. 
Our licensed Medicare guides can enroll people by phone, or face to face.
We are now serving 10,000 Medicare beneficiaries in multiple States.
Our partnership model allows us to make Seniors  lives easy by making Medicare simple.

"They have a great service, quality products and we trust them. We value a local relationship and the impact it has on our community."


Partners - We Serve You Because It's Who We Are

Doctors, Human Resource Managers, Financial Advisors & Much More

Our goal is to “Build community to serve the community.”


So we are always engaging long-term relationships with Doctors, Human Resource Managers, Financial Advisors in multiple states to provide our Partners the ability to refer to our licensed Medicare guides so we can answer questions about Medicare, educate, and then enroll them into a plan of their choice.

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Medicare Hub
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MedicareHub exists because people will choose a Medicare plan and enrolling in a plan should be easy for anyone.

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I understand choosing a Medicare health plan is confusing and stressful for anyone. I make choosing a Medicare plan fun & simple for your patients & clients.



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