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Why is medicare so confusing?
How do I qualify for Extra Help on medication cost?
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Can you get Medicaid if you have Medicare?

Group 6

If you qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, you are “dual eligible.” Sometimes the two programs can work together to cover most of your health care costs.

Extra Help on Medication

If you meet certain income and resource limits, you may qualify for Extra Help from Medicare to pay the costs of Medicare prescription drug coverage.
In 2018, costs are no more than $3.35 for each generic/$8.35 for each brand-name covered drug.

Other people pay only a portion of their Medicare drug plan premiums and deductibles based on their income level.

In 2018, you may qualify if you have up to $18,210 in yearly income ($24,690 for a married couple) and up to $14,100 in resources ($28,150 for a married couple).

If you don’t qualify for Extra Help, your state may have programs that can help pay your prescription drug costs. Contact your Medicaid office or your State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) for more information. Remember, you can reapply for Extra Help at any time if your income and resources change.

Countable resources include:

• Money in a checking

• Money in a savings account

• Stocks

• Bonds

Countable resources don't include:

• Your home

• One car

• Burial plot

• Up to $1,500 for burial expenses if you have put that money aside

• Furniture

• Other household and personal items


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